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JSI Tip 1168. NTLM Authentication for Telnet.

If you are running Microsoft Windows NT Services for UNIX Telnet server, you can configure it to only accept NTLM (Windows NT LAN Manager) authentication.

You will have to use a Telnet client that supports NTLM authentication. Only the Console Telnet client from Windows NT Services for UNIX currently supports this.

When you configure the client for NTLM authentication, no user name or password will have to be entered, as logon happens automatically for domain authenticated users who have telnet logon local rights on the Telnet server.

To configure the Telnet server to only accept NTLM authentication:

1. Run, tlntadmn and select Display / Change Registry Settings.

2. Select NTLM and change the NTLM value to 2 for NTLM ONLY.

3. Shutdown and restart the Telnet server.

NOTE: If you set NTLM to 1, the server sends a logon prompt if NTLM authentication fails.

To configure the Console Telnet client for NTLM authentication:

1. Run Telnet.

2. Type set NTLM and press ENTER.

NOTE: If User must change password at next logon is configured in User Manager for Domains, the user will have to logon to the domain to change their password and then logon via Telnet.

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