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JSI Tip 1095. How do I add an IDE drive to a <b>SCSI</b> only System?.

01. Create a boot floopy, including the NTBOOTDD.SYS.

02. Edit the A:\boot.ini file and change all occurrences of multi to SCSI.

03. Shutdown Windows NT and boot with the Boot Floopy to insure that it works.

04. Shutdown and install the IDE controller and drive.

05. Change the BIOS (CMOS) settings so that the new drive will be recognized.

06. Using the Boot Floppy, insure you can still boot to Windows NT.

07. Shutdown.

08. Using an MS-DOS system disk, create a partition on the IDE drive.

09. Install a temporary, minimal, copy of Windows NT on the IDE drive. See tip 951.

10. Boot the temporary Windows NT installation and attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini. Copy C:\Winnt\Repair\setup.log to a floppy.

11. Copy a:\boot.ini and a:\NTBOOTDD.SYS to the IDE drive root.

12. Delete any temporary installation files and the \WinNT folder from the IDE drive.

13. Boot Windows NT without the Boot Floppy.

14. Copy ATDISK.SYS from your latest Service Pack or CD-ROM to %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ATDISK.SYS.

15. Control Panel / Devices, set the Startup of ATDISK to be System. If you make it Boot, it will be listed first in Disk Administrator.

16. Start the ATDISK driver.

17. Use Disk Administrator (WINDSK.EXE) to assign a drive letter to the IDE drive.

18. Add any new lines in the A:\setup.log file, for the IDE device,
      to your %SystemRoot%\Repair\setup.log file (in the appropriate location/order).

19. Shutdown and restart Windows NT.

20. Run Rdisk /s to update your ERD.

If you want the NTFS file system on the IDE drive:

A. Copy the files from the root of the IDE drive to a temporary location.

B. Format <IDE Drive:> /FS:NTFS /A:2048 /V:label

C. Copy the files from step A back to the root of the IDE drive.

D. Insure that SETUPDD.SYS from your latest service pack is copied to diskette 2 of the 3 disk installation set,
     and run a repair, repairing boot records only.

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