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JSI Tip 0945. If you copy the i386 folder to your W9x hard disk, in preparation for a Windows NT install, you may get locked.

W9x contains code to protect against LFN (Long File Name) corruption by programs (Windows NT Setup) that make direct INT25/INT26 disk calls.

If the FAT partition that you copied the i386 folder to has the W9x system files, you may receive:

   Windows has disabled direct disk access to protect your long file
   names. To override this protection, see the Lock /? Command for more
   information. The system has been halted. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart
   your computer.
1. Restart your W9x computer.

2. Open a command prompt.

3. Type:
             lock c:       which should produce the following message:

           WARNING: The lock command enables direct disk access by programs that
           can CORRUPT file names and/or DESTROY disk data, resulting in the loss
           of files on your disk.

           Are you sure (Y/N)?
4. Type Y .

5. Run Windows NT Setup.

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