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JSI Tip 0832. DHCP event errors caused by leading zero in IP Address.

If the Service Control Manager reports "at least one service or driver failed to start" and the event viewer contains any of the following:

   Event 1007,
   Description: The DHCP Server failed to initialize winsock data. The
                following error occurred.
   Data: 002741 (WORD)  or 0000:   41 27 00 00     A' . .   (Byte)

   Event 1008:
   Description: The DHCP Server is shutting down due to the following
   Data: 002741 (Word) or 0000:   41 27 00 00     A' . .   (Byte)
   Event 7023
   Source: SCM
   Description: The Microsoft DHCP Server terminated with the following
                error: (blank)
   Data: (none)
or when starting DHCP in Control Panel / Services, you get:

   Can't start the Microsoft DHCP Server Service on \\<machine-name>.
   Error 2140: An Internal Windows NT Error Occurred.
or the Net Start command reports:

   System error 10049 has occurred.
   The system cannot find message for message number 0x2741.
   The message file for BASE.
you may have leaing zeros in one or more IP address octects.

While you can't do this with the GUI, you can with an unattended install or registry edit.

An example of this no-no is which should be specified as

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