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JSI Tip 0807. Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.

If you receive:

   Microsoft Exchange Server
      Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.
      You can retry connecting to the server using the network, or
      work offline and connect using dial-up networking.
      Network problems are preventing connection to the
      Microsoft Exchange Server computer. Contact your system
      administrator is this condition persists.
   Microsoft Exchange Server
      The logon credentials supplied were incorrect. Make sure your
      username and domain are correct then type your password again.
you may have set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\control\LSA\LMCompatibilityLevel to a 2.

Windows NT supports Windows NT challenge/response and LanManager (LM) challenge/response. The valid data values are:

0 - Send LM and Windows NT authentication (default).
1 - Send Windows NT authentication and LM authentication only if the server requests it.
2 - Never send LM authentication.

Windows NT authenitcation can not be used on clients that support only LM authentication, like W95 and WFW.

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