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JSI Tip 0702 - Windows NT holds deleted file meta-info in a cache.

Some applications rely on the file system to hold onto meta-info for a short period so they can delete/create or rename an object and still have the origonal short name and timestamp intact. When a name is removed from a folder, the cache is created. When a name is added, the cache is searched.

Windows NT performs tunneling on both FAT and NTFS to ensure long/short file names are retained when 16-bit applications perform these operations.

The default cache life is 15 seconds. You can adjusat this time by editing:


and Add Value name of MaximumTunnelEntryAgeInSeconds as a type REG_DWORD. Set it to the number of seconds, from 1 to 30.

If you Add Value name of MaximumTunnelEntries as a type REG_DWORD and set it to 0 you will disable tunneling.

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