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JSI Tip 0659 - Your Windows client logon script box stays open.

In tip 256, we switched to the "Windows" directory before exiting the script. If that doesn't work, or is intermitant, try the following at the end of the script:

if %OS% == Windows_NT goto WNT
if exist c:\windows\*.* goto W3
if exist c:\win95\*.* goto W95
if exist c:\win98\*.* goto W98
REM you can add any other directories that you use
goto end
cd %SystemRoot%
goto end
cd c:\windows
if exist c:\windows\lmscript.$$$ goto end
goto lms
cd c:\win95
if exist c:\win95\lmscript.$$$ goto end
goto lms
cd c:\win98
if exist c:\win98\lmscript.$$$ goto end
echo . > lmscript.$$$

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