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JSI Tip 0644 - Event ID 4320 from NetBT in the System Event log?

If at least one service or driver failed to start and the System Event log contains:

Event ID: 4320 
Source:   NetBT 
Description: Another machine has sent a name release message to this 
machine probably because a duplicate name has been 
detected on the TCP network. The IP address of the node 
that sent the message is in the data. Use nbtstat -n in a 
command window to see which name is in the Conflict state.
Chances are that you have a static mapping in your WINS server that has a conflict.

Delete the static mapping by using WINS Manager on the WINS server. Click Mappings and then Static Mappings, and select the entry that corresponds to your computer.
Click Delete Mapping, and press close.

Restart the WINS server. Microsoft recommends static mappings for non-WINS aware computers which are unable to register with a WINS server automatically.

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