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JSI Tip 0599 - How do I configure Windows NT for LPR with a HP JetDirect?

The steps necessary to configure Windows NT to print to a HP JetDirect print server device using Line Printer Remote are:

1. Install the TCP/IP Printing service.
      Control Panel / Network / Services tab and press Add.
      Click TCP/IP Printing, press OK and click Close.
      Shutdown and Restart when prompted.
      Re-apply your latest Service Pack / Hotfixes.

2. Setup the LPR Port.
      Start / Settings / Printers.
      Double-click Add Printer.
      Click My Computer and click Next.
      Click Add Port when prompted.
      Click LPR Port and New Port.
      Enter the IP address of the HP JetDirect external print server or the internal
        HP JetDirect adapter in Name or address of server providing lpd.
      Enter raw1 in Name of printer or print queue on that server for an internal
        HP JetDirect adapter or raw1, raw2, or raw3 for an external HP JetDirect print server device
        (based on the HP JetDirect port that the printer is connected to).
      Click OK, click Close, and then click Next to complete the installation of the printer.

3. Verify TCP/IP settings.
      Make sure that you have Firmware revision A.05.05/6 or later.
      PING <IP address> where<IP address> is the HP JetDirect device's IP address.

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