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JSI Tip 0563 - How can I plan for an eventual repair without a CD-ROM available?

If you do not have a CD-ROM available, Windows NT can NOT run a normal repair process. You can workaround this limitation if you do some configuration now, while you can still boot. Perform the following steps:

1. Create a folder off the root of any drive called Repair.

2. Using the network (or a CD-ROM if currently available),
     copy the CDROM_W.40 or CDROM_S.40 to the new \Repair folder.

3. Copy your platform directory to the new \Repair folder (\i386 to \Repair\i386).

4. Create a new set of setup diskettes by running Winnt32 /ox from the CD
     (Winnt /ox from a non-NT platform).

5. If you are running SP2 or greater, copy setupdd.sys from the expanded service pack
     (service_pack_file.exe /x) to diskette 2.

6. Edit txtsetup.sif from diskette 1.
     In the \[SetupData\] section,
     remove the ; from the SetupSourceDevice = \device\harddisk0\partition1 line
     and modifiy it to point to the drive/partition of the new \Repair folder.
     harddisk0 is the 1st disk, harddisk1 is the 2nd disk, etc...
     partition1 is the 1st partition on the disk, partition2 is the 2nd partition on the disk, etc..

7. Modify the SetupSourcePath = \ to SetupSourcePath = \Repair.

8. Modify the DefaultPath=\WINNT to point to your %SystemRoot% folder
     ( \WINNT or \WINNT35 if you upgraded or whatever).

9. Save txtsetup.sif to the floppy.

Label these 3 diskettes as No CD - Repair. If you ever have to run a repair, boot from diskette 1.

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