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JSI Tip 0559 - DATE math.

In tip 531, we created JSIToday to parse today's date and JSIExpDT to parse a user's password expiration date.

You can configure when Windows NT issues a password expiration warning by using tip 141.

In tip 721, we built JSIDateM, a generalized date math routine.

If you want to issue your own password expiration warning, you need the ability to do DATE math. Create JSIExpire.bat:

Usage: JSIExpire "UserName" Days <Path>\notify.bat

@echo off 
set PWDX=N
If %1

"" goto syntax set User=%1 set User=%User:"=% if "%2"

"" goto syntax set agea=%2 set /a agen=%agea% if "%agea%"

"%agen%" goto dates :syntax @echo JSIExpire UserName Days <Path>\notify.bat goto end :dates if %3

"" goto syntax if not exist %3 goto syntax call jsitoday set TYMD=%TDYY%%TDMM%%TDDD% net user %1 /domain | find /i "Password expires" > "%temp%\jsiexpire_%User%.log" for /f "tokens=1,2,3,4,5* delims=/ " %%i in ('type "%temp%\jsiexpire_%User%.log"') do set XMM=%%k&set XDD=%%l&set XYY=%%m REM If your date format is DD-MM-YY, use: REM for /f "tokens=1,2,3,4,5* delims=- " %%i in ('type "%temp%\jsiexpire_%User%.log"') do set XDD=%%k&set XMM=%%l&set XYY=%%m if /i "%XMM%" EQU "Never" goto end call JSIDateM %XYY% %XMM% %XDD% - %2 if %AYMD% GTR %TYMD% goto end :Notify set PWDX=Y call %3 %1 %2 :end if exist "%temp%\jsiexpire_%User%.log" del /q "%temp%\jsiexpire_%User%.log"

Sample Notify.bat

@echo The password for account %1 expires on %NYY%-%NMM%-%NDD% which is within %2 days of %TDYY%-%TDMM%-%TDDD% (Today minus %2 is %XYMD%) 
REM You can use any form of notification that you wish: 
REM Net Send %1 Your password expires on the day %NDD% of month %NMM% in year %NYY%. Please change it today. 
REM or use a freeware command line mailer like Blat.
JSIExpire also returns a PWDX evironment variable with the following values:
N=Does not expire within Days days.
Y=Does expire within Days days.
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