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JSI Tip 0550 - How do I allow NT Workstation users to only End Task their Applications?

The following approach is not perfect but it will work in most shops:

01. On the users Workstation, open Taskmgr.
02. Select the process tab and temporarily check or uncheck a box in the View / Colums dialogue.
03. Exit Taskmgr.
04. open Taskmgr.
05. Select the process tab and undo step 2.
06. Select the Applications tab.
07. Double click on the top border, just below the word Applications. This will hide the menu.
08. Create the following JSITask.bat file and set permissions to Read and the attributes to R S H: (This example assumes the Resource Kit utilities (Soon and Kill) are in the path)

@echo off
soon 10 cmd /c "kill.exe taskmgr.exe"
start /high taskmgr.exe

09. Create a shortcut to this JSITask.bat and rename it Task Manager.

10. Move the shortcut to the All Users Start Menu (See tip 051).
11. Right click the shortcut and choose Properties. Set it to run Minimized.
12. Double click the shortcut to close Taskmgr.

Each time the user clicks the shortcut, they will have ten seconds to kill their application before Taskmgr closes.

If they right click the Taskbar and bring up Task Manager, they will have to use the shortcut to close it.

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