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JSI Tip 0549 - Corrupt or 3rd party Setupapi.dll causes strange problems.

If your Setupapi.dll is corrupt or has been replaced by a 3rd party, you may experience any of the following:

. Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / Windows NT Setup tab generates an error dialog box with a header information of E and a dialog box with a red X and the letter S.

. Internet Explorer 3.02 Setup may fail with Installation failed. An error occurred while trying to open the Ohrome.inf file.

. The Appearance tab in the Display Properties window has no fonts are available for text-based items.

. The Pointers tab in the Mouse Properties window has no schemes listed in the Scheme list.

. When you attempt to add a SCSI device, you receive Error occurred getting driver list from INF file Err=0.

. When you try to install a device that uses an .inf file, nothing happens.

. When you try to add a printer, you receive Printer operation cannot continue due to lack of resources and no printers are availalble.

. To fix the problem, type the following at a CMD prompt:

Rename SystemRoot%\System32\Setupapi.dll setupapi.old
Expand <CD-ROM:>\i386\setupapi.dl_ %SystemRoot%\system32\setupapi.dll

NOTE: The Plug and Play service may need to be started.

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