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JSI Tip 0459 - Changing a Windows NT password.

A Windows NT User Account password can be changed on any Windows NT computer from any other Windows NT computer regardless of whether the User Account is on a Workstation, a stand-alone Server, or a Windows NT domain controller.

You do not have to be logged on from the User Account Database that contains the Username, and you don't have to be logged on as that Username.

This is especially useful if you want to change your password in a User Account Database that is not in your default logon domain.

Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to bring up the Windows NT Security dialog box and press the Change Password button. Enter the Username whose password you want to change. In the From dialog box, select the Computer Name or Domain Name where the User Account Database exists, from the drop-down list box, or type it. Type the Old Password and New Password, and Confirm New Password.

You should receive Your password has been changed.

This procedure will work even if the User Right Access this computer from network is disabled for the group Everyone. The ability to change a password without requiring the user to be logged on allows a user to change his or her password outside of the user's logon hours, or when the password has expired and the user is not able to log on.

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