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JSI Tip 0436 - How do I configure SBS to receive e-mail notification of a successful fax transmittion?

Small Business Server

Control Panel /Fax Server / Routing tab.
Check Allow Routing via E-Mail and select Administrator from the Profile Name list box, and press OK.
Double-click Services in Control Panel.
Browse to the Fax Service and press Stop. After it stops, press Start.

SBS Client

In Control Panel, double click Fax Client.
On the General tab, enter the Email Address of the user who will be sending faxes from the workstation. Click OK.

When you send a fax using Exchange client, Outlook client, Fax Send Utility, or File Print to Fax from within an application, a sent confirmation will be received in your mailbox.

This applies to both Windows NT and Windows 95 clients.

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