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JSI Tip 0268 - Stop 0x1E using NT 4.0, SP3, and RAs.

If you reinstall Windows NT with the above configuration or install RAS for the first time, your computer may reboot repeatedly with the 0x1E BSOD.

This is caused by the SP3 version of tcpip.sys with the non-sp version of other files installed by RAS or a reinstall. The solution is to replace %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\TcpIP.sys with the version from the CD-ROM. The trick is how?

. If you have a dual boot and can access the subject %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\TcpIP.sys, expand it from the CD. This requires expand from the NT CD which requires WinNT or Win95.

. If you have another WinNT install without SP2 or SP3, use tip 181 and place the origonal TcpIP.sys on the origonal system's ERD.

. As a last resort, install a separate copy of NT into a different directory and use it to expand tcpip.sy_ from the NT CD into the origonal WinNT at %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\TcpIP.sys. Before doing this:
     attrib -s -r -h c:\boot.ini
     copy c:\boot.ini c:\boot.bak
If you decide to remove this second install latter:
     attrib -s -r -h c:\boot.ini
     copy c:\boot.bak c:\boot.ini
     attrib +s +r +h c:\boot.ini

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