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JSI Tip 0261 - Where does a DHCP client store lease information?

DHCP clients store information locally so that they can attempt to lease the same IP address and still function if the DHCP server is down.

A Windows NT client stores DHCP information in the registry at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<Network Adapter>\Parameters\Tcpip

A Windows 95 client also stores DHCP information in the registry at:


Windows for Workgroups with TCP/IP-32 stores the DHCP-related information in the DHCP.bin file in the <WINDOWS_SYSTEM_ROOT> subdirectory. This file is in binary format.

LAN Manager version 3.0 and LAN Manager for MS-DOS version 2.2c clients both store the local DHCP-related information in the DHCP.prm file in the <NETWORK_ROOT> directory. This file is in a binary format.

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