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JSI Tip 0194 - Adaptec SCSI host adapter requires specific BIOS versions.

The AHA-2940 series adapter may not properly function unless its' BIOS version is correct.

In the table below, items marked with * indicate that the BIOS version varies based upon the existing BIOS version on the card. 1.1x versions will require version 1.16. 1.2x versions will require 1.23. BIOS versions ending in an S were produced by an OEM, contact the manufacturer for upgrades. Adaptec technical support can be contacted at (408) 934-7274.





AHA-2940 Chip 1.16*
Base model AHA-2940
AHA-2940W Chip 1.16*
2940 with Wide support
AHA-2940U Flash OEM OEM version with Ultra
AHA-2940UW Flash 1.23 2940 with Ultra and Wide
AHA-2940AU Chip 1.30 Replaces original 2940, adds Ultra
AHA-3940 Chip 1.14 Base model AHA-3940
AHA-3940UW Chip 1.24 3940 with Ultra Wide

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