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JSI Tip 0072 - Users never have a current ERD!Windows NT ®

In most sites, users rarely have a current ERD when they need one!
Do it for them with this procedure:

Use the scheduler (AT command) (or a good one like OpalisRobot) on each workstation to schedule a RDISK.exe /S-. The batch file to schedule is:

%windir%\system32\rdisk.exe /s-
%windir%\system32\xcopy.exe %windir%\repair\*.* \\YourServer\RepairShare$\%computername%\ /q /r /h

where %computername% is a subdirectoy of the hidden share on the Server, i.e.; one for each workstation.

When you need an ERD for that workstation, just format a diskette on your Server and copy the files from their wsX directory.

The scheduler must be run under the system context and allowed to interact with the desktop or under the context of an administrative user. If you use the system account, you can't schedule the copy because the system account has no network access. Use a ROBOT account with a non-blank non-expiring password that is a member of the administrator group. Use full path names for all files. Here is a sample schedule for Workstation "wsA":

AT \\wsA 01:00 /interactive /every:M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su \\YourServer\RepairShare$\Repair.bat

You can dress up the Repair.bat with logging, messaging, etc

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