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JSI Tip 0069 - Configuring Service start up order.

You can configure the start up of a service based on the completion of one or more services. To do this, edit:


Scroll to the 1st service you want to control and highlight it. If the right hand pane contains a DependOnService, double click it and add a service. If DependOnService is not present, add value DependOnService with type REG_MULTI_SZ. If you wish to add multiple values, each one should be on a separate line.

If you have RemoteAccess installed, double click its' DependOnService. You will see that it depends on LanmanServer, RasMan, NetBios, and NetBT. Then look at NetBT. You can see that it depends on Tcpip. Finally, looking at Tcpip, we see that it depends on no other service.

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