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Installing the ICA Web Client

Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) Web clients are available for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browsers. Users need to update their Web browser with a predefined MIME type to access ICA applications via Web pages. Users can easily update their browser using an ICA Web client disk. You can create an ICA Web client disk to install the client on users' browsers using the following procedure:

  1. Log on to your Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition (with Citrix MetaFrame) machine as a user with local administrative privileges, and invoke the ICA Client Creator using Start, Programs, MetaFrame Tools (common), ICA Client Creator. (Citrix WinFrame 1.7 stores the WinFrame Client Disk Creator utility in the Administrative Tools program group.)
  2. The program will ask for the client name for which you want to create the disk set. Select ICA Clients for Web Computing (or WinFrame Clients for Web Computing on WinFrame 1.7), and click OK.
  3. Label your disk ICA Clients for Web Computing: Setup, place it in the server's disk drive, and click OK.
  4. When the ICA Client Creator completes the disk creation, you'll have a disk to use to install the ICA Web client on your client machines.
  5. On each client, insert your ICA Clients for Web Computing: Setup disk and from a DOS window, run the command A:\activex\wfica32.exe /setup. When the installation completes, you'll need to restart the client's browser.

When you finish this procedure, the client will be able to handle Web pages that reference .ica files.

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