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. How can I redirect Microsoft Outlook profiles during cross-Administrator group mailbox migrations?

A. If a mailbox is moved between servers within an Administrator group, the normal Messaging API (MAPI)-referral mechanism that would tell the Outlook client where the mailbox is now located doesn't function. Therefore, you need to manually reconfigure the client's new mailbox location. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) introduced the ability to simply move mailboxes between administrative groups and to enable a similar level of profile redirection. You can use the ExProfRe tool ( ) via a logon script or Group Policy Object (GPO) to redirect an Outlook client to the new mailbox server. Specifically. The ExProfRe tool performs these tasks:

  • Updates the X.400-style distinguished name (DN) of the profile with the correct mailbox server
  • Resets the Offline Address Book (OAB) so that a new version will be downloaded from the new mail server
  • Retains the offline folders file (.ost) for Outlook 2003, but removes and recreates it for older clients
  • Removes or allows renaming of objects that might no longer be valid, such as users' favorite and most-recently opened files

To run the tool, you must specify the target Global Catalog (GC) server, or you can use a variety of switches to control the changes the tool makes. You can use the /v and /r switches to turn on verbose logging and ExProfRe's read-only mode, respectively. The /r switch lets you make a test run to see the changes that ExProfRe will make without actually making the changes.

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