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How can I determine why the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) client wasn't deployed to a particular workstation?

A. If the SMS client doesn't install on certain machines, you can determine the cause by performing these steps:

  1. Open the folder under the inboxes folder of your SMS hierarchy (e.g., d:\sms\inboxes\
  2. Within the folder, you'll see a .ccr file for each machine on which the client has failed to install. Use Notepad to open the .ccr file for the machine you're troubleshooting.
  3. The .ccr file contains a "\[Request Processing\]" section. Within that section, you'll see a line that says "Last Error Code=". Note the error code number (e.g., 5).
  4. Open a command line (Start, Run, cmd.exe).
  5. Type
    net helpmsg <error number> 
  6. The system returns the actual error (e.g., "Access Denied").
  7. You should now research the error to determine the problem. For example, if the error is "Access Denied," the SMS installation account might not have rights on the target PC.
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