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Enjoy Free Worldwide TV on Your PC announced TV 2.0, a freeware application that lets you watch more than 300 channels of live worldwide TV on your PC. TV 2.0 lets you search for your favorite TV stations, either from specific categories or from a regional list. You can sort channels related to sports, news, music, education, and other categories. You can also sort by language.

Version 2.0's intuitive interface doesn't require any special configurations in order to access worldwide channels. Usage is a purely plug-and-play experience. You can view a live broadcast with nothing more than an Internet connection.

TV 2.0 features multi-format functionality (Windows Media and RealVideo), live online streaming 24/7 worldwide TV (TV 2.0 runs the station's live video in a fixed, NTSC-like 640x480-pixel, 4:3 "natural" aspect ratio screen), and compatibility with any broadband ISP worldwide.

TV 2.0 is available for free download now.

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