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Disk Jockey

Disk Jockey
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You don't need a client management suite to replicate a hard disk. Diskology’s Disk Jockey is a hardware solution that can make an exact copy of a hard disk. It comes with an IDE ribbon and power cables for two drives, antistatic pads, and USB 2.0 and FireWire (IEEE1394) ports. You can use it to access two hard disks as USB disks, span the disks to make them appear as one, erase and read test disks, or perform a sector-by-sector copy or comparison. Disk Jockey copies only entire disks, not individual partitions, but it can copy data between any two disks as long as the target is larger than the source. I tested Disk Jockey’s disk-duplication and USB disk-access features. Both worked quickly and without error. I also got a laugh out of the intentionally humorous manual, which warned me about resisting the urge to dismantle the unit or copy hard disks in the bathtub. Diskology offers Disk Jockey for $329, and it’s not a bad tool to have if you find yourself reusing hard disks or assembling machines from parts.

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