Create an embedded object with Paste Special - 30 Oct 2007

  1. Copy the data in the source application
  2. Select the location in the destination document where the object should appear.
  3. Choose Edit → Paste Special.
  4. Select Paste.
  5. Select to paste as a xyz Object, where xyz is the name of the application. For example, to embed a portion of an Excel worksheet you copied in step 1, you would select Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object.
  6. Click OK.

While it is recommended to create an embedded object using the Paste Special command, you can also choose Paste. A Paste Options button appears next to the object. Click the Paste Options button and choose the option that sounds like it creates an embedded object (the wording varies depending on the source).

Embedding saves a copy of the entire source file in your destination document, regardless of how little data you copy and paste.
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