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If you want excellent service and support, our readers say, you need look no further than NetIQ, a company whose products won 12 Readers' Choice Awards.

The goal of NetIQ, according to Holly Files, vice president of World Wide Support and Services, "is to ensure that our customers realize the full value of their purchase. Our customers recognize that NetIQ support helps them become successful with our products and accelerates their adoption of the technology."

NetIQ's service and support staff of more than 100 senior engineers and engineers, Files said, "has a strong commitment to create raving fans of our customers." NetIQ has three support centers in the U.S. (San Jose, Houston, Portland), and is expanding its support center in Europe this fall.

Files said NetIQ improves the delivery of customer support "not only by hiring exceptional support staff, but also by helping them continue to develop their skills and knowledge so that they stay current with product developments and industry trends." To help service and support staff hone their skills, NetIQ provides internal, instructor-led product training and external, instructor-led and self-study courses that focus on technology NetIQ uses with its products.

In addition to training, regular, consistent communication and quick issue resolution is standard operating procedure for NetIQ support staff. Quick issue resolution follows published response times to customers. These response times, noted in service level agreements, are based on the level of program a customer subscribes to and the product the customer is using. NetIQ uses a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage open cases and to meet the prescribed response times.

NetIQ also continues to enhance self-service support tools by leveraging technology to efficiently deliver answers to customers. The company uses knowledge-base technology to give customers a way to search articles for a specific product or for a specific action they want to take.

The self-service support tools are important, Files said, because "customers want to receive support at their convenience and not be forced to pick up a phone to obtain the answer to their question. They want a technical repository that has a myriad of tools and information available so that they can get what they need when they need it."

San Jose, CA
(408) 856-3000
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