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Application Configuration, Step by Step

Publishing Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) applications for Web browsers involves several steps. You can use the Application Configuration utility to define the application and create its ICA description and HTML file. This utility lets an ICA-enabled browser identify and launch ICA applications.

You can use the following eight steps to define a StartWordPad application to launch the Windows NT WordPad application. In this example, you publish and launch WordPad as an embedded application from your browser.

  1. Log on to your NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition (with Citrix MetaFrame) machine as a user with local administrative privileges. Invoke Application Configuration using Start, Programs, MetaFrame Tools (common), Application Configuration. (Citrix WinFrame 1.7 stores the Application Configuration utility in the Administrative Tools program group.)
  2. From the Application Configuration drop-down menu, choose Application, New. When Application Configuration prompts you for the application name, type StartWordPad and click Next.
  3. The utility will prompt you to choose whether to use password authentication before running your application. For this example, choose Explicit and click Next. (The Anonymous option lets users run the application without entering a username or password. When a user connects, the application allocates a preconfigured anon user account. You can copy the existing anonymous account located under User Manager to add more anonymous accounts.)
  4. The utility will prompt you to enter the path and application name that you want to enable. Enter C:\program files\windows nt\accessories\wordpad.exe as your command line and C:\program files\windows nt\accessories as your working directory. Click Next.
  5. The utility will prompt you to choose to maximize the application window and to display the application's title bar. Click Next.
  6. The utility will prompt you to choose the users and groups you want to give access to your application to. Note that you have the option to choose users and groups from other servers and other domains. To configure all your domain's users as your group, enter your domain name\Domain Users. Click Next.
  7. When Application Configuration prompts you to specify the server to run your application, select your Terminal Server system. Click Next.
  8. To complete your application configuration, click Finished. The Application Configuration window will read Completed Application Configuration.

To change application settings after you finish the application configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Application Configuration utility.
  2. Highlight the application name (StartWordPad in this example).
  3. Right-click the application, and choose Properties. From the application's Properties page, you can alter any application settings you want.

When you use the Application Configuration utility to create applications, consider Citrix load balancing. If you use load balancing at your site, you'll need to ensure that the application is available and its setup (including security permissions) is identical on all servers in the cluster.

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