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ComponentOne Offers Studio Enterprise 2011 v2, Featuring New jQuery-Based Controls for ASP.NET, MVC3

ComponentOne, a vendor of components for .NET development, has released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2011 v2, the latest version of its control suite for Windows, web, and mobile application development. Studio Enterprise 2011 v2 is based on Wijmo, ComponentOne's new HTML5 and jQuery client-side framework. Wijmo is "a core technology for ComponentOne based on the latest standards like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery," said Chris Bannon, product manager at ComponentOne.

As part of the new release, Bannon said, ComponentOne is extending the Wijmo framework into ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC3, with the introduction of Studio for MVC Wijmo and Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo. Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo is a rewrite of ComponentOne's ASP.NET suite based on Wijmo. Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo features improved performance, a selection of new CSS3 and jQuery UI themes, a theme builder, and new Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) charts.

Studio for MVC Wijmo features MVC Scaffolding, which automates the process of rendering markup enhanced with jQuery UI, generating rich interactive views and controllers for a model developed in ASP.NET MVC3. Studio for MVC Wijmo also includes 30 jQuery UI widgets, SVG charts, and a high-performance jQuery Grid.

ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo Pie Chart


New Silverlight and WPF Controls, Too

Also part of the new release, ComponentOne has enhanced and expanded its Silverlight and WPF control sets. New to the Silverlight and WPF lineup is an Excel component that can read and write to Microsoft Excel files from C# or VB.NET code. Additionally, ComponentOne announced that it has translated and included built-in localization for all controls in 14 languages.

ComponentOne also released a library of Windows 7 components. Finally, ComponentOne announced that the release to web (RTW) version of its Silverlight-based Windows Phone controls, which are currently in CTP, will be available in late August.

You can find an online demonstration, tutorials, and additional details about ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2011 v2 on the Studio for MVC Wijmo and Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo web pages. And you can download a full-feature trial of Studio Enterprise 2011 v2 on the ComponentOne website.

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