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Minimizing Cloud Security Risk

This report details steps IT pros can take to implement a multi-layered security approach that takes advantage of today's technology offerings and organizational best practices to reduce exposure to cloud-based security risks.

Cloud computing offers companies the opportunity to provide their customers a best-in-class service without having to spend large amounts of capital on infrastructure. It also offers companies the chance to scale their internal operations without a lot of capital expenditure.

However, the move to the cloud comes with a heightened risk profile due to the nature of cloud computing — the security of a cloud customer’s data is only as good as the cloud providers’ measures. That lack of control can be disquieting because it’s a business vulnerability a company can never fully mitigate.  Therefore, it's vital that any enterprise looking at using cloud services internally or in their lines of business continually evaluate and competently manage cloud security risk associated with the cloud.

In this report, we'll break down how to identify – and understand the complexities of – the biggest cloud security risks, including how to manage the human element, where to start taking action on cloud security and how to build an extensive security infrastructure based on well-tuned tools and processes.

The four steps detailed in this report on cloud security risk are:

  • Step One: Define the Business Risks of Cloud Security Failure
  • Step Two: Understand Organizational Risks
  • Step Three: Determine Where to Start Actioning Security
  • Step Four: Build an Extensible Infrastructure for Your Organization
  • Plus: Remote Access VPNs Have Ransomware on Their Hands

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