Refurbished Surface RT's Hit the Microsoft Store Starting at $299

Refurbished Surface RT's Hit the Microsoft Store Starting at $299

If Microsoft's recent Surface price drops haven't been enough to lure you to purchase a Microsoft-developed tablet, they have now started offering refurbished versions of the Surface RT units in the Microsoft Store.

32GB Surface RT's are priced at $299, and the 64GB versions at $379. Throw in a black touch cover and the 32GB goes for $379, and the 64GB increases to $459.

What does "refurbished" mean to Microsoft?

When you buy a refurbished Surface tablet, you're getting a solid piece of Windows-based technology that's been carefully examined and meticulously refurbished by our expert staff. All returned Surface tablets are tuned up and re-flashed with the latest software versions and apps, so they're as fresh as the day they were originally built. It includes a one-year limited warranty.

The link to the Microsoft Store location:  Surface RT (Refurbished)


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