Microsoft Surface is Changing the Banking Industry

Microsoft Surface is Changing the Banking Industry

It wasn't long ago that Microsoft's Surface tablets might have found their only successful way into the history books as the next basement hobby. But, after careful market evaluation and refinements, the Surface Pro 3 released and brightened the long-term outlook for the devices. Airlines began adopting the tablets as part of flight bags. Educational institutions started adding the tablets to their hardware review processes. New certifications were passed, allowing Surface Pro 3's to be available to the U.S. government. The NFL, despite an initial snafu, is using Surface Pro 3's for every game. And, now it seems, even the banking industry is on track to show the Microsoft-branded devices some serious consideration.

Jack Henry & Associates have recently announced the development and release of a new application designed specifically for the Surface Pro 3. Called BranchAnywhere, it allows banks employees to be productive and highly mobile, but also centrally manage all aspects of customer information. In many respects, it allows banking institutions to reinvent themselves, allowing them to become more customers-facing.

As I've done with my computing environment, by replacing everything I normally used with the Surface Pro 3 and the docking station, the Surface Pro 3 with BranchAnywhere allows banks to do the same. Instead of harboring a desktop in the office, lugging a laptop for the road, and under-arming an iPad for customer meetings, the Surface Pro 3 replaces each scenario allowing bank workers to minimize their carry but be even more productive and functional.

First Florida Integrity Bank and IBERIABANK are already using the BranchAnywhere software. Andrew Hovet, Directory of Deliver Channels as IBERIABANK, says…

We selected the Microsoft Surface as the choice for doing our tablet banking. We are very focused on having our branch managers out in the community, calling on small businesses, meeting with clients. To be able to bring some of their technology with them would ease that service experience so they wouldn’t have to be bringing work back and forth to the client site.

To learn more about Surface in financial services, visit:


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