The Exploding World of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure in Business

Stuart Burns

June 20, 2018

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Traditionally, IT has always been seen as a cost sink, rather than a revenue generator. Curtailing costs while providing quicker, faster and better infrastructure dents that perception. And one of the most effective ways to refute the "IT is an operational expense, not a revenue generator" trope is to deploy Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and shift the IT center from a physical network to a  easier-to-manage, low cost, and incredibly flexible “everything you need in a set of identical boxes” style of offering.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) drives down the complexity and cost of a solution, not just in terms of the physical technology it replaces but in implementation and ongoing IT management. Broadly speaking, the empowerment of HCI environments can be narrowed to a specific set of principles: Reduced hardware implementation cost, reduced day-to-day management and expansion cost, and huge (and quickly implemented) expansion capabilities.

HCI is extremely effective for almost all virtualized environments. This ease of setup is only one part of the story. Equally important is the way that HCI has changed how administrators achieve their objectives and achieve frequent tasks. A lot of vendors have put a massive amount of effort into simplifying operations -- and HCI makes it possible for IT pros to take advantage of this by streamlining storage, networking, expanding capacity and working in a heterogenous environment.

The combination of reduced costs, improved management workloads and flexibility makes it a compelling IT approach for today's IT professionals.

This report walks you through how HCI cuts conventional IT costs; how it breaks apart the isolated silos that traditionally provided the virtualization stack, compute, storage and networking; and what components have become easier to implement and manage.

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