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Manipulate Oracle with SQL*Plus

SQL*Plus is a utility that lets you query, modify, and manipulate Oracle database objects as well as carry out database maintenance activities. SQL*Plus is installed by default when you install the Oracle server. A command-line version of the tool offers functionality similar to SQL Server's Osql utility, and you invoke this version of SQL*Plus by typing


at a command prompt. The Windows GUI version of the tool is in the Oracle Application Development program group. For example, if your Oracle Home (i.e., the location you specify when you use the Oracle Universal Installer to install Oracle) is OraHome92, from the Start menu you'd navigate to All Programs, Oracle - OraHome92, Application Development, SQL Plus to access your Oracle Home. To install SQL*Plus on a client, you can use the Oracle 9i Release 2 client media, which you can download from the Oracle Technology Network Web site at

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