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Enterprise Mobility Suite Gets Rebranded to Enterprise Mobility + Security

Enterprise Mobility Suite Gets Rebranded to Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft has historically had a very serious problem with product naming. But the truth is, it’s hard to produce a product name that delivers the spirit of the product’s connotation and value but also rolls off the tongue. Customers, fortunately, have become very good at producing their own names – usually a play off the acronym – so, Microsoft hasn’t had to spend valuable cycles laboring over a proper name.

However, the company continues to compound the problem by rebranding products and product bundles regularly. Just when customers think they have a solid hold on a name, it changes.

Such is the case with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Fortunately – this time – the acronym remains intact and customers don’t have to scramble to figure it out. According to a blog post announcement from senior director EMS product marketing, Andrew Conway, Enterprise Mobility Suite is now Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Here’s what’s coming…

  • Immediately: the existing Enterprise Mobility Suite becomes Enterprise Mobility + Security E3, with no change for existing EMS customers.
  • Later this year: A new expanded plan will be generally available in Q4 2016 and known as Enterprise Mobility + Security E5.

And, in a rare move, Conway actually provides numbers of EMS adopters:

In just two years, EMS has grown to lead the market with over 27,000 enterprise customers and more than 1/3 of the Fortune 500 now onboard.

Microsoft rarely attaches actual adoption number, unless the company is really proud of the effort. This is one of the first I can remember in a long while that provides customer numbers.

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