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EMC is looking to add a competitive edge to its Network Attached Storage (NAS) products with a new software offering that leverages EMC's Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) technology. All new Celerra NAS systems will ship with the new offering, called Celerra FileMover. Celerra FileMover automates moving data between primary and secondary storage resources according to user-set policies. The software uses open technology that lets it easily integrate with other EMC software as well as third-party storage management software. EMC expects Celerra FileMover to be used primarily for automatically copying data from expensive storage to lower-cost storage or tape for archiving. "Customers are embracing information lifecycle management so they can lower costs and better leverage the storage and network infrastructures within their businesses. EMC Celerra FileMover provides our customers with distinct cost and management savings and makes a Celerra hardware infrastructure even more compelling," said David Donatelli, EMC's Executive Vice President of Storage Platforms Operations.
   The new product uses an open Celerra API, which EMC recently launched, to let software vendors integrate their policy and migration software into Celerra environments. EMC provides the API through its developer program. Vendors that currently use the API in their software products include Arkivio, Enigma Data Systems, and VERITAS.

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