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Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven Oracle
Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer Extends OCI Services

Oracle is bringing cloud compute services on-premises in an approach that is all about deployment choice.

Oracle is looking to grow its cloud footprint by bringing its Oracle Compute Infrastructure (OCI) compute servers directly to on-premises customers.

On Aug. 9, Oracle announced its Compute Cloud@Customer offering, bringing the full power and elasticity of cloud computing to customer environments. With the service, cloud applications and middleware will run in an organization's own data center, but will still have the benefits of the cloud, namely consumption-based pricing and support.

The Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer competes against multiple offerings already in market from rivals, including AWS Outposts, Microsoft Azure Stack Hub, and Google Distributed Cloud Edge.

"Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer lets you run OCI compute anywhere in a single rack, including both compute services and storage services," Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven (pictured) said during a launch event for the new service.

Key capabilities of the service include:

How Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer Works

Throughout the launch event, Screven emphasized that Compute Cloud@Customer is the same OCI compute services that are available in the cloud. The only real difference is that they are running locally in a single rack in an organization's own data center.

"It delivers OCI compute, with the latest servers, storage, and network services that we have. And it's built, installed, and managed by Oracle," he said. "It's OCI and a single rack, which means you pay for the infrastructure that you use."

Screven pulled quote

Not only are the services the same, but, according to Screven, so too is the pricing — the same amount of compute consumed on the OCI public cloud will cost the same for Compute Cloud@Customer users.

Cloud Resource Scaling On-Prem with Cloud@Customer

In the public cloud, there are many different compute instance types and hardware from which an organization can choose.

For Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer, Screven said the core system can start with a configuration that has 552 compute cores, 6.7TB of memory, and 150TB of storage. The offering can scale significantly — all the way up to 6,624 cores, 80.4TB of memory, and 3.4 petabytes of storage configuration.

A key use case for the Cloud@Customer is meeting data residency requirements that exist for certain industries in different jurisdictions. Screven noted that if regulations require an organization to have customer data within its own data center, that can now all be managed in a Cloud@Customer deployment.

"You could take your existing applications and do a lift and shift to Compute Cloud@Customer inside your own data center, and you could build new cloud-native applications," Screven said.

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