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Now Google is Selling Chromebooks Through its Web Browser

Google is an online advertising firm, so this actually makes some sense

Just in case it wasn’t obvious that Google was all about advertising, now the company is advertising one of its products from within another one of its products. I feel like we’re going to wake up one day, surrounded by Google ads, and wonder how it happened. Folks, this is how it happened.

I use both Chrome (Google’s web browser) and Internet Explorer for my daily browsing needs. Both are really good at certain things, and neither can outright replace the other in my experience. But even I was surprised to see Google advertising a Chromebook in its own web browser.

This ad, which appears in the upper left corner of the new tab window, which I use as the default view on new windows and tabs in Chrome, is a bit insidious in that it’s subtle and doesn’t appear every time you view this window. But when you click it, the ad of course takes you to Google’s Chromebook web site, where you can spend $200 to $500 on a laptop-like device that’s wrapped around a web browser.

Why anyone would want such a thing is beyond me. Why is Google is advertising this junk in Chrome? Also beyond me.

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