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New Video Parodies Google Chrome Ad

New Video Parodies Google Chrome Ad

It's not clear which one is creepier, the original ad or the parody video

A purported Microsoft internal video parodies Google’s “Now Everywhere” ad for the Chrome web browser, noting that Chrome is, in fact, tracking you and targeting you with ads to monetize your personal info … now everywhere. Regardless of the source, it’s actually pretty brilliant.

You can expect the usual anti-Microsoft crowd to claim that the video is negative, but as with previous Scroogled campaigns, the video is important because it points out what Google is all about. “Google watches everything you do,” the video notes, “where you are, who you call, what you search, what you watch, the contents of your email and chats, who your friends are, what apps you own, what you buy, what you listen to. And it uses it to make a profit off of you.”

And you can compare this video to the original Google ad.

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