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Research Report: The State of IT Salaries

Research Report: The State of IT Salaries

This report summarizes the finding of our survey of 548 IT and security professionals gauged compensation trends among technology professionals, by examining salaries, bonuses, tenure, job satisfaction and attitude, training, certifications and education among IT, data center and channel professionals. You’ll find out who makes the most – IT pros, their peers in the channel or the data center pros. And you’ll dive into findings that explain some prevailing trends in compensation:

  • A majority of tech professionals (64 percent) reported getting a raise in the past year. Among those who had salary increases from the year before, the plurality (43 percent) credited the raise to job performance. Compared with results from our 2017 salary survey, however, fewer tech pros got raises, no matter the driver (68 percent reported a raise in the prior survey).
  • Tech pros are feeling good about their earning prospects for 2019, with 70 percent of IT pros, 62 percent of data center pros and 61 percent of channel pros anticipating a raise in the coming year. They’re not quite so optimistic about bonuses — only 37 percent of all survey respondents expect one, a surprising decline given that 49 percent received a bonus in the past year.
  • A small segment of tech pros (8 percent) had their salaries decrease, and for the majority of survey respondents whose salaries decreased, the reason was largely out of their control.

And you’ll see how training affects compensation, what kind of hours the IT pros are working today and if they’d recommend their jobs to anyone else.

Read through the results to see how your compensation stacks up relative to other IT, channel and data center pros in terms of job length and career length – and see what you can do to bolster your own career.