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Salary Survey
ITPro Today's 2022 Salary Survey Report Alamy

ITPro Today's 2022 Salary Survey Report

Our survey of IT professionals’ compensation, training, job satisfaction, and future expectations shows some marked differences from those done before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How did your earnings, training, job satisfaction, and perks stack up against your peers this past year? ITPro Today's latest salary survey examined the responses of several hundred IT professionals across different organizations and industries, revealing some startling trends and insights. We share the findings in our 2022 report.

ITPro Today's free 2022 Salary Survey Report covers:

  • Current salaries and future expectations
  • Target areas for skills improvement
  • Growing pains in gender equity
  • Job satisfaction levels
  • Ways to increase your value
  • Compensation comparisons based on age
  • A deep dive into IT operations and security professionals' pain points

Click here to download the report

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