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SQL Code That Kills Performance. Why DBAs Complain When You Do These Things.

There is usually more than one way to accomplish any given task in SQL Server. Some ways may be easier to implement than others. Some ways tend to perform better than others. Often, the easiest way is not going to perform best. This disconnect can cause friction between developers and operational DBAs. And just in case we were looking for additional friction, often performance issues that result from sub-optimal coding patterns aren’t really evident on test systems because those test systems frequently do not model production very closely.

Are you a developer that wishes you understood why the DBAs complain about certain patterns as much as they do? Are you a DBA looking for tips on how to better communicate with the development staff on why certain things cause the problems that they do? This course may be for you.

This class will cover:

  • Table design and indexing issues. Why are clustered indexes so important? What’s wrong with single column indexes? What can go wrong if suggested indexes are used blindly.
  • TSQL code issues. What is actually wrong with using NOLOCK and RECOMPILE hints? How much of a difference does it really make to use cursors or while loops?
  • Entity Framework. What are the actual issues when using LINQ to Entities? Why does my DBA hate LINQ so much? Why do the developers insist on using it?

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