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Do You Know the Hidden Costs of Cloud Storage?

Sponsored by: CloudBerry Lab

When: October 5th, 10 AM PST
Who: David Gugick, VP of Product Management at CloudBerry Lab, Nick Cavalancia, Industry Expert and Founder of Techvangelism

The idea of using inexpensive cloud storage is too tempting for any company to pass up. Put as much as you want up there, pennies per GB, and an ability to store it as long as you need. Sounds great… until you get the bill. Hidden deep within the cloud are additional costs around how storage is used, how often data is retrieved, where it’s sent, and more – all adding to the bottom line.

So, how can you understand the real costs and get them under control?

In this interactive webcast, join industry expert and founder of Techvangelism, Nick Cavalancia, along with David Gugick, VP of Product Management at CloudBerry Lab as they discuss:

Calculating your actual storage costs
Leveraging cold storage as part of your storage strategy
Automating storage lifecycle management to lower the cost of cloud storage

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