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Brightcove Releases App Cloud for Building iOS and Android Apps

Brightcove, a provider of cloud content services for publishing and distributing professional digital media, announced general availability of Brightcove App Cloud, a platform consisting of an SDK and cloud-based services that lets mobile developers build native content applications for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. App Cloud combines an open HTML5 web development model with intelligent cloud services so that developers can build, deliver, and manage dynamic, custom content apps across multiple devices.

To build content apps using App Cloud, developers use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and the App Cloud SDK to create templates that reflect their brand and desired functionality, using the following App Cloud features:

  • in the App Cloud SDK, prebuilt views and JavaScript APIs for accessing native camera, alerts, accelerometer, and location capabilities
  • an Open Development Model that enables web developers to use existing HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript skills, tools, and code libraries
  •  multi-app templates that enable non-technical business users to rapidly create branded apps
  • visual app-creation tools that let developers and non-technical users visually create, test, and preview new apps using custom templates
  • cross-platform cloud compilation, which facilitates deployment by automatically generating app store-ready packages
  • a set of intelligent cloud services, providing dynamic updates, content optimization, image transcoding, real-time analytics, and other capabilities that optimize end-users' experience of production apps and make app maintenance more efficient



Using Brightcove App Cloud to build a content app for an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet

App Cloud is available in two editions. The non-expiring Free Edition lets a single user develop and test an unlimited number of apps and is available via free self-service registration on Brightcove's website. The Enterprise Edition enables teams of developers and business users to collaboratively develop, deploy, and operate live apps in production; Enterprise Edition subscriptions start at $15,000, with discounts available.


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