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Google Now Supports Multiple Calendars on Windows Phone 7.5

Google announced today that it has finally added explicit support for multiple calendars in Windows Phone 7.5. So if you're using Google Calendar on Windows Phone, it's now much easier to access all of your calendars and not just the primary calendar as before.

"We launched a few new features on Google Sync for our Windows Phone (7.5+) users," Google's Li Yin wrote in a Google+ post. "Multiple Calendars is a feature that lets you select which of your Google Calendars are synced to your device. Just navigate to on your phone’s browser and configure the calendars you would like to see."

To enable this functionality before, you had to use an unsupported workaround. You can find out more about this feature at the Google Mobile Help site.

Just as exciting, Google has also enabled Gmail "send as" functionality on Windows Phone. "From that [] page, you can also configure which addresses you send mail as if you have custom addresses in Gmail. We’ve also improved search to look beyond the conversations that are stored locally on your device so that you are able to find more of your conversations, faster."

Good news for Windows Phone-toting Google services users.
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