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Windows Phone 8 Development Internals eBook Available for Cheap Preview Purchase


Following in the footsteps of Charles Petzold’s excellent Programming Windows Sixth Edition, O’Reilly is now offering Windows Phone 8 Development Internals with a similar deal: Buy the eBook now in preview form and get it dirt-cheap: It’s just $10 if you buy now.

Windows Phone 8 Development Internals is available in preview form now, offering six chapters: Vision and Architecture, App Model and Navigation, Data Binding and MVVM, Tiles and Notifications, Location and Maps, and Speech. If you purchase the eBook between now and November 5, it’s just $10 and you’ll get a second preview release and then the final version when they’re released. (The final version is expected in February.)

“Written by two members of the Windows Phone 8 team—Andrew Whitechapel and Sean McKenna—Windows Phone 8 Development Internals gives you an in-depth look into how the new Windows Phone 8 platform works, how it differs from Windows Phone 7.x, and how you can take advantage of the platform to build apps and games that you can sell through the Windows Store to reach millions of customers directly,” an O’Reilly blog post reads. Significantly, Windows Phone 8 not only offers managed development in C# and Visual Basic but also adds native development in C/C++.”

The book is divided into four sections—Core Features, Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8 Features, and Native Development with Windows Phone 8—and looks pretty comprehensive. Currently, it’s only available in PDF, but EPUB & MOBI are coming next week. There’s also an eBook/traditional book bundle.

Check it out!

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