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Now Available: Audible 1.0 for Windows Phone 7.5

Three months after I first revealed that the long-awaited Audible app for Windows Phone was in beta testing, the firm has released the first version of the app.

I wrote about the Audible app for Windows Phone previously in Windows Phone 7.5: Audible App Pre-Release Screenshots (March 2012) and Audible App for Windows Phone 7.5 Update (April 2012) as well.

The app warranted a mention in Wednesday’s Windows Phone Summit, where it was revealed that Audible was also playing some mysterious role in the evolution of Microsoft’s voice control and speech capabilities for Windows Phone, which debuted over a year before Siri. (A decade before Siri, really, when you factor in the Windows Mobile versions of this technology.) Microsoft also posted a short mention of it on the Windows Phone Blog today.



I do have a bit more information, however, thanks to a helpful beta tester.

According to Audible, the 1.0 version of the app doesn’t include all the features that they intended. Only a few coming features were mentioned, including periodical support and an optimized Bluetooth experience. Audible is currently beta testing newer builds with these and other new features.

You can download Audible 1.0 for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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