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Yes! More Samsung Ads Poking Fun at Apple Lemmings

The more Samsung ads I see, the more I become convinced that this stuff just never gets old. I'm not sure what it is about the smug, insular nature of Apple's biggest fanatics that makes it so easy--and so right--to make fun of them. Well, actually, maybe I am sure. And these days, no one is doing it better than Samsung.

You may recall that Samsung previously released a fantastic advertisement making fun of the lemmings who wait in line to buy something they don't really need, and then an even better version with 24 additional seconds of Apple sycophant mocking.

And now there's more. A lot more.

The Next Big Thing Has 4G Enabled Speed

The Next Big Thing Has the Best Apps

The Next Big Thing - Movies & Music

I only wish Microsoft had the guts to make ads this good. Talk about hitting them where it hurts (i.e. with the truth).

Thanks very much to Rob L. for the tip.

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