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Long-Awaited Media Remote for Xbox 360 S Coming in November

Back when Microsoft announced its current-generation Xbox 360 console, the sleek and black Xbox 360 S, I asked about all the white peripherals that were then still in the market. Specifically, given Microsoft's new digital media focus with its video game console, when would we see a nice new media remote that was styled like the S console?

"Soon," I was told with a smile. Microsoft was working on something very nice.

Well, that was late last year.

But today, Microsoft revealed via its Major Nelson blog that the new S-style remote will finally ship in November and retail for $19.99. And as expected, it looks pretty sweet.


(By the way, if you're familiar with previous Xbox 360 remotes, you'll likely notice that the Media Center branding is gone on this remote. Is this coincidental? I don't believe so.)

Additionally, Microsoft revealed a coming new Bluetooth wireless headset for the Xbox 360, also styled like the Xbox 360 S. This is much less interesting to me, but hopefully this headset will be better than previous lackluster version. It will cost $59.99.

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