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You've Been "Samsunged"!

Two great things happened during yesterday's NFL playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. First, the Pats won and will return to the Super Bowl. And second, I saw two classic new Samsung Galaxy S II ads I'd never seen before, "Samsunged" and "Urban camping." They're worth watching. You know, if you have a sense of humor.

As with Samsung's other recent ads--which you can relive in their hilarious glory in New Version Of Samsung Ad ... Now With Even More Mocking Of Apple Sycophants and Yes! More Samsung Ads Poking Fun At Apple Lemmings, these two new ads continue hitting Apple lemmings where it hurts, with predictably comedic results.

Of course one thing has changed since the ads first debuted in November 2011: Samsung, not Apple, is now the bigger maker of smart phones. Guess the ads worked. Either that or the perceived self-importance of waiting in line has finally worn thin. 

Either way, enjoy. These new ads are classic.

Key quotes: "Ahhh... That looks like last year's phone!" and "We just got Samsunged!"

Urban Camping
Key quotes: "You two look happy. With your phones." "We're not going real camping ... We've got to get in line to get the new phone. So excited."


Update: There's a third new Samsung ad, which I didn't happen to see during the game. But thanks to a number of email replies about this, I present it below:

Type With Your Voice
Key quotes: "My hands are so cold, I can't even blog! ... Can't afford to lose anymore followers." "Samsung again... this keeps happening."

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